Security Solutions

Security Solutions


BIPTel aims to revolutionize the security industry by applying principles that drive the structural design of the property’s functionality, safety and perimeter walls; the selection of technological components; and the daily operational design and management of properties.


  • Deter
    Security “deter” or prevention strategy management solution is the identification of an organization’s assets (including information assets), followed by the development, documentation, and implementation of policies and procedure for protecting these assets. This is vital for security management procedures as information classification, risk assessment, and risk analysis to identify threats, categorize assets, and rate system vulnerabilities so that they can implement effective controls.


  • Detect
    Early detection drives incident prevention and allows time for reaction units to respond. This is achieved by:




  1. Technology such as intelligent Video Analytics
  2. Thermal cameras to detect in all light conditions
  3. Motion sensors
  4. Control Centre operating pro-actively


  • Delay
    Focus on buying time to react and prevent an incident strategy

  • React
  1. Proactive observation from the Control Room
  2. Security Systems Detection
  3. Control Room mobilizes reaction
  4. Manage Reaction Process

Guided by these four principles, BIPTel conducts proactive risk assessments and designs detailed functional planning, which leads to holistically integrated solutions that incorporate overall architectural and operational designs.

VoIP solutions for Enterprises
(Small to Large Business)


Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology that will let you send and receive calls over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. BIPTel offers comprehensive, flexible and cost effective VoIP solutions for small to large business.

Advantages of VoIP:

  • Save a lot of money
  • Increased Flexibility and Mobility
  • Abundant, Interesting and Useful Features

Cloud PBX


Cloud PBX (pubic branch exchange) technology allow businesses to have a sophisticated telephone system without the investment in telephone equipment. In fact, the entire telephone system is operated and maintained by your Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider. A Cloud PBX lets employees work from their home, a hotel or on their cell phone while still being connected to the same office telephone system.



BIPTel carries a large selection of hardware components to build a PBX. Whether you are looking for a PCI Card for PSTN connectivity, a robust VoIP server or an appliance, BIPTel has you covered. All of the VoIP PBX hardware components come with a full manufacturer’s warranty and are supported by our team of in-house experts.


Just as the firewall protects the data network, a Session Border Controller (SBC) is required to protect both the data and voice network when VoIP is integrated into the system. All of BIPTel’s SBCs provide the same carrier-grade functionality, including prevention of toll fraud, denial of service attacks and eavesdropping.


BIPTel deploys a smart, dependable and easy-to-use software solution for securely recording and rapidly replaying voice and data communications. Uninterrupted call recording and access to communications are vital for public safety and service orientate organisations.

Voice Data Storage

BIPTel solutions let you choose the secure and resilient storage technology that’s right for you. Complying with regulations can require storing data offline or even off-site. BIPTel offers storage solutions for your business regardless of the number of channels you need to record.


At BIPTel we offer various training courses that can be conducted at your premises. Our training packages are flexible and custom built to your requirement. We offer Basic and advanced programs for maintenance staff, Administration, Security, Management and other VoIP users.