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The Benefits of an Affordable Handheld Radio for Your Company

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The benefits of using handheld radio devices in business for companies that rely on instant and constant voice communications between employees is obvious. Unlike mobile phones, hand held VHF radios provide instant communication at the click of a button. No airtime required!

This, however, is just one of multiple benefits and features included in modern handheld radios for sale these days. Below we discuss these benefits in more detail:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

After radio frequencies are refined and tested, companies using portable handheld radios can be assured of having less disruption when communicating with customers. There is no delay between call connects and no call disconnects which can prove extremely frustrating for a customer who is trying to get an issue resolved.

Direct Access to all Personnel and Increased Efficiency

Repeater networks and modern day equipment allow radio frequencies to reach handheld radios long range, meaning more personnel can hear and participate in communications. It also allows several employees to be dispatched or sent to a location quickly, without each staff member needing to be called individually.

Agile and Dynamic Service

Handheld portable radios also allow for a more agile, dynamic work environment with more prompt response times when changes are made to previously planned tasks and schedules.

Projects can be reallocated in real time in the event of an emergency which isn’t just a benefit when it comes to matters of safety, but is also a great benefit in cost-saving.

Lower Running Costs

On the subject of cost-saving. Handheld radios are reported to save up to one-third of unnecessary fuel mileage in certain industries – due solely to improved communication methods and resources not being wasted during projects when working to strict deadlines. Improved communication doesn’t just save on fuel, but it also improves the longevity of the vehicles in your company’s fleet. After all, time is money in business.

For more information on the benefits and options of handheld radio devices, visit www.biptel.net


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