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In urban sprawl, the field, or in hazardous environments such as a mine or an oil rig, the best two way radios deliver hardware durability on top of seamless communication: to maximise operational efficiency and security, to facilitate real-time situation control, and to minimise turnaround time in critical decision making.


At BIPTel, we have partnered with industry leader Motorola to supply government agencies, emergency responders, enterprises and industry with the latest in PMR equipment. Motorola 2 way radios, in addition to exceeding industry-expected audio and coverage performance, offer users the ability to capture photographic evidence through the built-in image capture system. Being physically robust and ergonomically built, the radios also come with end-to-end encryption and data connectivity for streamlining operations planning and intelligence sharing.


Our two way radios for sale go in hand with a robust suite of all-round support services– such as training, site surveying, and project oversight – to ensure clients get the telecoms infrastructure optimised for their operational requirements like it. In South Africa, we are party to the modern TETRA standard for radio networks, which provides:

  • To the operator the advantages of network scalability (from single site to wide area coverage), portability and rapid deployment, interoperability, gateway relaying, and cost reduction from the long range transmissions.
  • For the end user, TETRA offers a multiple fail safe configuration, wireless data with integrated voice, network authentication and encryption, and the purpose-designed capability of one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many.

As many operations (such as emergency response and transportation and warehousing) feature a degree of mobility, command centres or units on the move make use of 2 way radios for trucks, which are vehicle-mounted, wireless, and run on an independent power source. With the usual features (multi-channel, capable of sending voice or data), the backwards compatibility of many models enables communication with either digital or analogue radios, while the option of transmit-interrupt allows easy handling of traffic on busy channels.


Our comprehensive range of 2 way radios affords us the flexibility to ensure that we meet the specific needs and requirements of your business, while our IT infrastructure will provide proven solutions to achieve your goals. Get in touch today

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