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Interesting Uses for Two-Way Radio Devices Outside of Commercial Industry

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Ever since our childhood, when we were able to hear our friend’s voice from the other room using a polystyrene cup and some string, two-way radio communication has proved its usefulness and become a valuable way of directly communicating with others from afar.

Taking an immensely large jump from those fun, but basic childhood toys, two-way radios are today highly advanced technological tools used by industry professionals each and every day. From Bluetooth connectivity, digital and analogue, push-to-talk and satellite linking, browsing available products at two-way radio suppliers entails a whole new level of complexity.

Knowing two-way radios are used by professionals in a variety of industries, you might be excused for forgetting their value and popularity in non-professional use. Here are some common activities in which two-way radio communication can be useful:

Adventure sports

Going hiking this weekend? Or perhaps river rafting and rock climbing is your forte. Having a two-way radio with you at all times can be useful if you get lost or want to split up into separate groups. With long-range two-way radios providing uninterrupted signal, keeping in touch with other adrenaline junkies can mean you enjoy a safe and convenient journey.

Save on call rates

Networks tend to charge you enormous amounts for spending excessive amounts of time calling others, specifically network operators in the African market. With two-way radio communication only costing you money one the initial purchase the product, it makes financial sense an alternative for those who need to regularly communicate to friends and family living within close proximity of each other.

Road trips

We all remember those long road trips with the family. Families or groups of friends opting to use two or more cars can benefit from using two-way radios, especially the Hytera, Cisco and Motorola two-way radios which are known for their long lasting battery and signal quality. Keeping in constant connection while travelling in convoy can help with keeping safe, looking out for dangers on the road, as well as help you stay in contact when taking different routes on a bushveld game-drive or exploring a 4×4 trail.

Whichever situation you can conjure up it will certainly be improved with the addition of a convenient two-way radio solution. When looking for two-way radios for sale, remember that finding a two-way radio price best suited to your budget will go far in saving you time and money.

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