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Migrating from analogue to digital – what you need to know

radio infrastructure


At Bibtel, we are passionate about helping our clients connect and communicate. The way we do this, is by constantly offering the most advanced, up-to-date technology, services, radio infrastructure site sharing, infrastructure radio tetra and radio infrastructure.

As technology progresses, so too does our need to keep up-to-date. Radio technology is rapidly changing and you don’t want to get left behind. A migration for analogue to digital is slowly but surely taking place. Therefore, it’s essential you update your infrastructure so that when you switch over you are au fait with the ins and outs of the technology and remain consistent and relevant in your industry.

Why is a move to digital important? What are the advantages?

A move from analogue to digital has many advantages including: improved voice over quality, greater coverage, better privacy, more capacity, access to data application and more. Digital platforms provide a migration path that allows for simultaneous use of digital and analogue radios. Biptel allows your organization to gradually replace analogue devices with newer digital models without the stress of shifting to a new system. They also offer the ability to expand on your existing radio network to increase wide area coverage and channel capacity.

Biptel offer a wide range of radios that set the standard for advanced technologies, enabling personnel to communicate. Whether use Motorola products, Hytera products or Damm products we will easily and efficiently assist you in moving over.

The MOTOTRBO two-way radio range from Motorola Solutions, supports both analogue and digital operation and is easy to add to your existing analogue radio collection. Enjoy the many benefits of digital migration including:

  • Better voice quality – hear and be heard without noise, static or distortion
  • Better capacity – get double the calls from every channel
  • Better battery life – communicate longer on a single charge
  • Better coverage – your voice stays strong and clear to the ends of coverage
  • Better capabilities – flexible architecture that can grow and adapt with you

To find out more about Motorola digital radios and to find the right one for you visit:


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