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Motorola Mobile Radio: How It All Happened

motorola radio


Motorola became the talk of the town – in fact, the world – back in 1973 when Dr Martin Cooper made the first ever call from history’s first cellular phone.  But, the brand didn’t exactly come out of obscurity.  In fact, Motorola had already built a very solid reputation off the back of its radio enterprise.  So, as the brand continues to forge its legacy in the communication industry, let’s take a short look at the history of Motorola radio.


Is Motorola Radio a Channel?


No, let’s clear that up straight away.  When we talk about Motorola mobile radio, we’re not talking about a talk and music show you would listen to on your way to work in the mornings.  But, having said that, that’s more or less where the company started out.


Motorola wasn’t making the radio shows, but the company was making the devices necessary for listening to the radio.  In fact, that’s where the ‘Motor’ in the name comes from.  Motorola was initially a company that made car radios.


Actually, the company’s first products were battery-eliminators, which let battery-powered radios work on household power.  But, the company soon started manufacturing its own devices.


The first Motorola radio was sold in 1930, some 7 years after the company’s inception.  But, it didn’t take another 7 years to sell the second.  In fact, Motorola began supplying radio receivers for police cars that same year.


The company had bigger aspirations though.  It wanted to make communication mobile.  And so, the company set about creating the first handheld radio (which we know as the walkie-talkie), which was released in 1940.


The Motorola Commercial Two Way Radio


The dawn of World War II meant that mobile communication was vital, and the Allied forces certainly benefitted from Motorola’s technology.  This, coupled with the fact that the company helped NASA communicate with astronauts in space, meant that the Motorola commercial two way radio became a well-known and well-trusted piece of equipment – not just in the US but across the world.


Because of the company’s innovation and reputation for reliability, it didn’t come as a shock that it was responsible for bringing the world its first cellular phone.  But, this didn’t mean that it shifted its focus.


Motorola has been supplying two way radios to a variety of industries for decades, perpetuating its reputation for quality in the process.  So, if you need a communication brand you can trust, look no further than Motorola.  And, for a supplier that’s just as reliable and trustworthy, contact BIPTel today!


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