Professional Portable Two-Way Radios

Professional Portable Two-Way Radios

Professional Portable Two-Way Radios


Walkies talkies were developed during the Second World War for military use. Although taken very serious in those days, the current version of a walkie talkie is more appropriately used in the playground.

The modern way of communicating on a set frequency is done with professional portable two-way radios. These professional portable two-way radios are advanced technological masterpieces that provide stable and reliable communication lines while also being durable.

The mining industry, firefighters, sea and air rescue teams, policeman and even the military use variants of these high tech professional portable two-way radios as their preferred means of communication.

Singling out the mining industry, let’s look out how professional portable two-way radios can be of service to anyone working in this sometimes dangerous but diverse and exciting field.

Constant Communication

With the mining industry surrounded by ever-present dangers, from rock blasting to excavating with big machinery, the need for constant communication is vital to the health and safety of all involved. Professional portable two-way radios give miners the opportunity to communicate to their health and safety operators at any moment, thus giving an up-to-date report on developments. This means relevant units can respond to a developing emergency quicker than ever before.


Reliability and Durability

As is obvious with the mining industry, it’s no place for the soft of heart. Mining is hard work and requires utmost strength and durability. The same goes for the products used. A normal cellphone or walkie talkie will simply not do. It won’t last in such difficult environments. This is where professional portable two-way radios come to the fore. Made from strong materials such as polycarbonate and metal that are meant to withstand the test of time, professional portable two-way radios are the way to go when you need equipment that’s as tough as the environment you work in.


Battery Life

The mining industry requires a communication system that lasts longer than the working day. With professional portable two-way radios, communication is sure to last the day with their impressive battery life. Depending on model, you can expect at least 12-hours of battery life from any professional portable two-way radios.


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