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Radio Communication Systems


South African companies make use of several products to help their businesses work safer and faster. Among these are radio communication systems offered by various radio communication solutions.

Industries that require communication across several channels and various ranges are in obvious need of a reliable and portable communication medium such as professional portable two-way radios.

Companies offering radio communication solutions offer more than just communication, they offer your business a chance to improve on existing systems. This, among several other reasons, is why you should consider getting radio communication systems for your business.

But before you do, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions about professional portable two-way radios and radio communication systems.

What is a VHF frequency?

A frequency is a channel that a radio connects with so that it can communicate with other radios on the same frequency. With VHF frequencies, you will need to have a clear sight of the other radio in order to communicate as the frequency shouldn’t be interrupted.


What is a UHF frequency?

A UHF frequency can be used when there are several obstacles in the path of the frequency. Mainly used in industries such as mining and policing, UHF frequencies are much stronger and can be used when the other receiving radio is out of the line of site.


Are UHF and VHF radios able communicate with each other?

Due to differences in operating frequencies, UHF and VHF radios can’t communicate with one another. They would need to operate on the same frequency to be able to connect and communicate on said frequency.

Are these radios durable?

The short answer is yes, very. Made to withstand low impacts and work in treacherous conditions, portable radios are extremely reliable. Some are even waterproof.


Will the battery last long?

This depends on the specific model you want but you can expect at least 12-hours of talk time from a basic professional portable two-way radio. With advancements in portable batteries and charging packs, you can expect to increase talk time even further.


Are other people able to listen in on my frequency?

With walkie talkies operating on FRS frequencies, yes. But professional radio communication systems work on UHF or VHF, so other people won’t be able to snoop in on your conversation.


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