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Two Way Radios South Africa: A Basic Look at Two Way Radios


two way radios


Even in this world of instant messaging and video chats, two-way radios are still so recognisable in our society.  Just take a walk through a park and you’ll be more likely to hear children making walkie-talkie noises while playing together (kkshh, over-over) than simulating smartphone message alerts.


But, even though modern society still has a huge calling for two-way radios for sale, these communication devices can be a little mysterious to some.  And, of course this is a pity, since two-way radios significantly improve communication in a wide variety of industries.


So, just to make sure that you know the basics of these devices, we’re going to take a brief look at two-way radios for sale.


Two Way Radios Pretoria: Some Basic Questions Answered


  1. Why Is It a ‘Two Way’ Radio?

As we know, the term ‘radio’ refers to a device that can receive a signal – just like the radio you listen to in your car.  But, because this type of radio can only receive signals, it’s essentially a one way radio, as the signal only ever comes in.


A two way radio, however, sends a signal back.  In this sense it’s just like a two-way road versus a one way.  So, the ‘two way’ in the name refers to the fact that these radios can be used to transmit signals as well as to receive them.


  1. What Does it Look Like?

These types of radios can be large, desk-mounted pieces of equipment or wafer-thin portable devices (and everything in between).  Choosing the right radio for the job usually depends on the type of environment the radio will be used in, the required range, and the specific purpose of the communication.


  1. How Do You Transmit Signal?

These radios range in technical features, but one aspect remains amongst all models; the transmit button.  This is a button or a trigger on the radio which, when pressed, will allow the user to speak into the radio.  This transmits the signal – it’s as simple as that!


Two Way Radios South Africa


At BipTel we have a wide range of some the best two-way radios Pretoria, and indeed the whole country could ask for.  So, if you would like to know more about these handy communication devices, or if you’re ready to place an order, please contact us today!

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