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Walkie Talkie: What Features to Look Out For

Walkie Talkie | BIPTel

It’s easy to get your head tangled up in the wide assortment of two-way radios available. These devices, often referred to in Africa as the ‘walkie talkie’, come with so many unique features in today’s technologically advanced society. It makes shopping for the wide variety of walkie talkies Africa has to offer a real conundrum.

So where do you start? Well, the best way is to ask yourself what you need from your walkie talkie. Is it for a specific use, such as a communication medium for professional commercial use, or is it merely for fun and practically?


Here’s a list of features you should consider when looking at the best walkie talkie for sale.

Range and Signal strength

It’s no use you get a cheap set of walkie talkies, only for their signal to be unreliable or have insufficient range. Look out for a long range walkie talkie that can keep a strong and clear signal even over several kilometres. This comes in handy communication when circumstances dictate that you need to separate and end up further apart than initially intended.

Build quality

As with many of the products on the market these days, you get good and bad quality. Make sure you opt for the better quality product to ensure it does not fail to meet your expectations. Top-shelf products, like the Hytera, Cisco and Motorola walkie talkies, always deliver on quality and performance – providing a better return on investment.

Speciality features

Make sure the walkie talkie you opt for is waterproof. Having a waterproof walkie talkie is much more convenient and durable, ensuring that you can keep connection even during an infamous Highveld thunderstorm. If you are a diver, construction worker, emergency worker or police officer, having a waterproof walkie talkie will be of great benefit.

Understanding the range of two-way radios available in Africa becomes complex when features are considered. <a href="http://www.biptel viagra non prescription.net/two-way-radio-solutions/”>Walkie talkie prices for certain models may seem exorbitant, but quality and the longevity of those devices most always be taken into consideration before a purchase. Considering which features will best benefit you or your profession should be the first priority when shopping for your next two-way radio.

At Biptel, we are proud to offer a wide range of two-way radios with unique and specialised features that cater to your needs. For more information, feel free to visit our website here: http://www.biptel.net/two-way-radio-solutions/

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